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Private Investigations and Drones

Drone technology has evolved at a rapid pace in recent years and is now used in many aspects of modern life. But can it be used by private investigator teams for surveillance or to find a missing person? Absolutely. However, perhaps unsurprisingly, the situation is quite complicated.

While it should be noted that drone surveillance isn’t always a suitable solution, our experts at Assurance Investigations can integrate this into our services in the appropriate scenarios.

When Can Drone Tech Be Used In Private Investigations?

Drone sales in the U.S. surpassed $1.25bn in 2020 while the global market size is expected to hit $65bn by 2025. Furthermore, an estimated 15% of all Americans have flown a drone while 8% own one.

The use of drones as surveillance tools remains a relatively new concept, but it can be used to support private investigators in several ways. Some of the most commonly proposed functions include;

  • Gathering evidence of someone trespassing on your property,
  • Proving that an individual or company is guilty of fly-tipping,
  • Gaining footage of employee theft – which costs businesses $50bn+ per year,
  • Showing forms of antisocial behavior.

Our experts can integrate drone surveillance with our other private investigation services to protect your business, gain evidence for upcoming cases, or potentially support your hopes of finding a missing person. Nonetheless, it is a very complex situation, especially as the landscape is constantly evolving.

Anyone wishing to utilize drone technology for surveillance or investigation purposes must do so within the Federal Aviation Administration guidelines. While federal laws do take priority over local governance, it is also important to appreciate state laws too.

Right now, though, Colorado’s laws are more relaxed than many other states. The most significant laws related to wildlife conservation and public safety administration teams.

Why Hire A Private Investigator For Drone Surveillance?

While drone laws in Colorado provide greater opportunities for surveillance than many other parts of the country, the most obvious reason for hiring a private investigator for these purposes is that you do not want to inadvertently break the law yourself.

By hiring a team like Assurance Investigations, you can be sure that drone footage is used in a compliant fashion. Some of the key factors include;

  • All drone-based activities will be completed by a registered drone technician who is fully accredited for commercial drone activities,
  • Drones will be used exclusively in permitted airspaces, such as your private business properties or public spaces where you are allowed,
  • Any footage gained will avoid breaking privacy laws relating to other citizens and members of the public,
  • All drone-based footage will be suitable for use in legal proceedings and all relevant situations.

Whether you have previously tried DIY private investigations or not, our drone-based services are completed by experienced professionals who know how to navigate airspaces and use the HD equipment to secure the very best shots time and time again. 

Alternatively, you can take advantage of thermal cameras to find vulnerable missing persons. This can be particularly useful as an emergency tool when a loved one has taken flight and is expected to be in a field or outdoor space.

Whichever reason drone services are needed for, the use of a private investigator ensures that you get the best results while also avoiding any threat of inadvertently breaking the law. 

How Assurance Investigations Can Help You 

If you feel that drone footage could be beneficial for your private investigations, either in personal or business matters, it’s vital that you choose the right team to take care of your surveillance matters. Assurance Investigations can provide the perfect solution. 

Our comprehensive approach to drone surveillance will;

  • Start with a full consultation to let you know understand the capabilities of drone surveillance and whether it is suitable for the assignment,
  • Ensure that all investigations are completed within the context of the latest FAA regulations
  • Confirm that all drone footage is captured in HD and formatted in the most effective video file formats,
  • Produce drone surveillance content that is capable of actively supporting any other evidence acquired for the case.

Our services can be used throughout Colorado Springs, Denver, and the surrounding areas of the Centennial State. Better still, using a discreet outside service means you’ll avoid disruption – as well as any risk of letting suspected perpetrators realize they’re being watched.

To learn more about private investigations and the use of drone technology, contact our friendly agents now. We’ll get your investigations up in the air in no time.

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