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investigation Services

It has never been easier to hire a private investigator in Colorado Springs or Denver. Assurance Investigations and Process Service will help you get the job done. All our investigators are licensed, bonded & insured with years of experience.

Colorado Investigative services

private investigator in Colorado Springs


Surveillance is the bread and butter of the investigaitons field. Surveillance allows us to obtain and gather the information in the most cost effective way possible. We use the latest technology for surveillance to get the best quality results possible. Surveillance is great for cheating spouses, liability cases and integrity investigations. Our Colorado private eyes are trained in safe and efficient driving techniques .

Colorado Process Server

Process Serving

In the unfortunate event you need to hire a process server we have you covered. We have a great success rate and have the best prices in the region. We specialize in difficult serves and skip tracing. Trust us in handling your court documents from start to finish. We make the process smooth and stress free. We serve all types of court documents. Visit our process service page for more information.

Private Investigator

Interviews & Statements

All of our Colorado detectives are trained in interview techniques and have extensive report writing experience. All statements are conducted in a recorded setting. We handle liability, witness, interviews on people of interest and subrogation statements. We can get you the information you need quickly and efficiently. 

Denver Background Checks

Background Checks

 Background checks can give you the information needed in several different areas. They can be used to locate people, find banking assets, obtain criminal records and court information. We customize each background check to fit your budget and needs.

Colorado Springs Background Checks

Corporate Investigations

We have helped large corporations stop corruption in its tracks. Whether you think theft, embezzlement or any other type of fraud is occurring in your work place. Don’t hesitate to contact us. We can help put an end to this criminal activity. 

Colorado Springs Background Checks

Cyber & Social media Investigations

We can help you extract data from hard drives, cell phones or any other storage device that has been damaged, erased or locked. Need information about someone’s online profile. We have tools that can search the entire social web quickly to get you information that need. In today’s rapid advancement of information technology and how people interact with each other. You need a company that has the ability to get you the information you are looking for.

Colorado Springs Skip Tracer

Skip Tracing Investigations

 Locating a missing person can be a hard task to accomplish if you don’t know where to start. We have found 100’s of people. We have the tools and resources to find a person of interest, lost loved one, run away or missing person. Let us help give you peace of mind. We will not stop until you find who you are looking for.


Colorado Insurance Fraud Investigators

Insurance Investigations

We have private detectives that specialize in workers compensation surveillance and claims. Dedicating their career to this specific investigations field. Our investigators are trained in sub-rosa surveillance and will get you the results you are expecting. We can help provide crucial evidence that can determine the outcome of your case or claim.

Attorney Investigator

ATTORNEY Services Investigations

We have worked with many local and national attorneys to help resolve their cases. We handle all types of criminal and defense cases. We can assist in tracking down evidence, case and court files and obtain statements. We can provide a professionally written report on any matter of the investigation. Let us help win your case.

our expertise

Pueblo Private Investigator

Fast delivery

We know time is critical in most of our cases we perform. We start each case as quickly as possible so we don't miss any opportunities to get you the results you are looking for.


We use the latest tools and technology available to get you quality results. We are always looking for ways to make our job more efficient.


All our P.I's have years of experience in the regions they work in and in their investigative fields. We will help guide you in your matter to get you the best outcome possible.

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