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Investigations and Process Service F.A.Q


It’s not everyday someone needs to hire an investigator. Most of the time you are calling an investigator at a vulnerable time in your life. Don’t worry, we are here to help bring you the peace of mind you are looking for. Feel free to contact us through one of our many methods and a private investigator will get back to you quickly. Don’t hesitate to contact us because you feel embarrassed about your situation. We have handle 1000’s of unique cases with compassion and understanding. Once you contact us we will listen to your needs and come up with a game plan to get you the best results possible.

private investigator is a freelance detective that helps in domestic, criminal and business investigations.  There are many different fields of investigations. Some include surveillance, skip tracer, fraud investigator and criminal investigator. Private Investigators are trained to get you information and evidence.

A process server is someone who personally delivers court documents to an individual, business or agent. A process server can serve a wide variety of documents including a summons, complaint, divorce documents, eviction notices, writs, restraining orders and small claims. Lastly, They then fill out an affidavit or return of service. This is proof showing the documents were served.

A professional process server has the tools and knowledge to get your documents served correctly. Serving papers is just not about handing someone court documents. A server needs to know the laws and statutes on how to properly serve court documents. The server needs to be able to fill out an affidavit or return of service correctly so the courts recognize the document. In most cases the server must be over the age of 18 and not a party to the case. All of our Colorado process servers have years of experience in serving court papers.

Surveillance is a method private investigators use to obtain information and evidence. Most surveillance is done discreetly. Surveillance techniques vary from company to company. Most common types of surveillance today are done with high definition video cameras and covert cameras. Very rarely are pictures or non-digital equipment still used. A few situations where surveillance can be used; to catch a cheating spouse, for integrity purpose or to observe a parent suspected of neglect or abuse.

Skip tracing is another term for locating a missing person or person of interest. Skip tracing has evolved over the years quite a bit. Approximately 10 years ago an investigator would have to locate someone the old fashioned way, on foot. Today most people can be located using comprehensive database reports. These databases do however require credentials. We are trained in both methods of locating someone. We have a variety of databases to locate almost anyone in the country.

We have handled 1000’s of surveillance cases. The chance of getting caught is always in the back of an investigators mind. There have been times when an investigator has been caught (although very rare). It is not our intention to get caught, we like to be flies on the wall. All our investigators blend in very well and know proper techniques while doing covert and mobile surveillance. In the event an investigator does cause suspicion we are great at deescalating the situation as if nothing ever happened.

The most cost effective way to catch an affair or infidelity is surveillance. Surveillance will give you the evidence you need at an affordable price. The camera doesn’t lie and can’t be manipulated or questioned about what exactly happened. Moreover, It makes for great solid evidence.

Fraud is the intentional deception of a person or business for one’s own personal gain. It could be monetary or for personal gain. Fraud may include faking an injury for insurance benefits or changing accounting books to embezzle money. If you suspect fraud in your business or personal life give us a call. We have highly trained professional investigators ready to help.

We are passionate about helping children. It is one of the staples of our company. Collectively, our firm conducts countless child custody cases yearly. The best way to get your child out of a dangerous place is to collect evidence. Hearsay rarely works in the justice system. Rock solid evidence is your best asset. We have various different tools to collect evidence including surveillance, witness statements and background/social media checks to get you the evidence you need.

Rates can vary widely in the private investigations field. It depends on what type of investigation you need (surveillance, background check, locate someone, internet investigations, etc). Typically rates are between $75.00 and $150.00, depending on area and experience. We have experienced and efficient investigators. Efficiency allows us to provide you with only what you need, so you are not paying for the things you don’t. Our expert investigators give you the peace of mind your investigation is going to be completed correctly. We monitor the market consistently so we can provide you with the best price possible. You will not find a better rate or experience in our region of service that is a promise. 

background check allows us to obtain criminal records, civil records, court records, asset records, motor vehicle records, business information and more. We can obtain background information in Colorado and nationally. Each of our background checks are customized to your needs. You only pay for what you need.  Background checks allow you to obtain information in a low-key manner without making the other party aware. Background checks are a great way to obtain information about the truth when it is in question. We use real time investigative databases. Unlike the DIY internet background checks ours are thorough and accurate. We manually go through all information to make sure no stone is left un-turned. Assurance Investigations can bring the facts into focus and get you the answers you are looking for. 

Tentatively as of May 21, 2021 Colorado will no longer require private investigators to be licensed. Assurance Investigations is for licensing the investigative industry as it protects the consumer and the investigation community. It does this by vetting each investigator with a jurisprudence test, background check and bonding. How is one suppose to know which private investigator to hire now? We make the choice easier and stress free. Our team is vetted by national and state private investigator associations. We were also fully licensed and vetted by Colorado during their licensing period. Lastly, We have been serving the Colorado community since 2008. 

We don’t know. We are not affiliated with ASR Investigations. For what ever reason when you google ASR Investigations our company (Assurance Investigations) comes up. We recommend calling the number on the card.

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