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Do You Need A Thorough Background Check? We Bring The Facts In To Focus And Wont Stop Until Everything Is Uncovered.

Background Checks

We have the tools to get you the information you are looking for. Our multiple investigation databases will shed light on your questions and suspicions. We will work hard to make sure you receive all the information available, leaving nothing to chance.  Our comprehensive background investigations are thorough, discreet and confidential.  If you suspect someone is withholding information from you don’t play the guessing game. Contact us today!

Court Background Checks

If you need up to date court information you have came to the right place. We can obtain court documents anywhere in the United States quickly. Don’t settle for second rate information. We get accurate results.

Civil Background Checks

We can obtain civil records with great detail and accuracy. We can obtain motor vehicle records, driving records, marriage and divorce records, liens and judgments, debts, lawsuits, evictions and more.

Criminal Background Checks

When obtaining a criminal background you don’t want to second guess yourself. We have extensive background checks to make sure nothing is left un-turned. We use multiple sources to get every detail.

Background Cases in RevieW

In early 2015 Assurance Investigations & Process Service was contacted to conduct a background check on a intimate partner when things started to not add up. Our client was told by her new partner he owned a prestigious company and did not have a criminal record. Our private detectives uncovered an extensive criminal background of fraud and domestic abuse. Our background check saved the client from possible abuse, financial trouble and heartbreak.
In 2018 we were contacted by a large firm that was preparing to merge with another company. We conducted an extensive asset and court background check. We were able to verify the company had several lawsuits against them and had multiple liens against the company. This saved our client thousands of dollars.

Invest In Your Future
Know WHo You are dealing with.

Our background checks are real time. We provide great detail and have the best information available.  Our background checks go above and beyond what you could find on an online do it yourself background check. Our background checks are perfect for the online dater, attorney, employment checks, criminal defense case and for over all peace of mind. Setup your background check today!

Background Checks
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