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When Family Law Requires Private Investigations

In an ideal world, a marriage is the start of a couple’s happily ever after. However, many marriages fall apart when it becomes clear that people aren’t who they seemed, or they’ve changed over time. For people who are facing issues in their family, it’s vital to have an accurate understanding of what’s happening. Assurance Investigations can provide you with the facts you need when family law requires private investigations.

One of the most common requests we receive is for infidelity investigations. When people suspect their spouse of being unfaithful, they sometimes use private investigators to know for sure. It can be emotionally painful to learn the facts, but knowing the truth always helps. Assurance Investigations can perform infidelity investigations that are discreet, yet thorough, that will discover if a partner is unfaithful. Armed with accurate knowledge, the client can then decide to stay and fix the problem or leave the relationship. 

Infidelity investigations can be useful evidence in family court. Colorado is a no-fault divorce state, and infidelity usually is not considered when making any judgments for alimony payments. However, there is a notable exception. If a spouse’s extramarital affair had an economic impact on the couple’s finances (e.g., spending lavishly on a trip for the affair), that could be considered in later alimony payments and property division.

Assurance Investigations also has an excellent track record with successfully catching relationship cheaters. We have one of the highest success rates of catching cheaters in Colorado. Our investigative tools include top-of-the-line equipment for mobile, static, and covert surveillance. We also perform online investigations, which is where a growing number of affairs begin.

Even if infidelity isn’t the issue, Assurance Investigations can help people in other family law issues. When preparing for a child custody hearing, it’s vital to have proof to back up claims that will be made in court. No one is going to freely admit to being a bad or neglectful parent in court. Since people do make false claims about their ex-partner in court, judges can’t take anything someone says about neglectful parenting at face value. There has to be evidence to back it up.

If you think that your child isn’t getting the care they should receive when they’re with the other parent, Assurance Investigations can use get the evidence you need to prove the matter in court. For example, in 2017, we were able to prove allegations that a mother had been drinking heavily when she was alone with the children on regular occasions. The court switched the kids to a different custodial arrangement where the mother had supervised visits.

Assurance Investigations has helped thousands of family learn the truth about the way kids were being treated. We have the tools and knowledge to get you the facts about your child’s living conditions. If you suspect that things are amiss, getting a child custody investigation can prevent further anguish for the child and worries for you.

It’s never fun to share troubling news with a client, but learning the truth is the first step to making things better for everyone. Families are at their best when everyone is happy and cared for properly. You can’t be happy when concerns about infidelity are on your mind. Similarly, kids aren’t unable to reach their full potential if not given adequate care. Assurance Investigations can conduct inquiries and perform surveillance to find out the truth, so you and your family can live happier lives. The truth can only make things better. Send us a message online to schedule a consultation about your private investigation needs.

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