Locating Someone Can Be Difficult. Where Do You Start? Our Experienced Investigators Can Help Locate People Quickly.

Find A Missing Person

Are you trying to locate a lost loved one or person of interest? Look no further, trust in Assurance Investigations and Process Service to get the job done. We have the tools and knowledge to find anyone, anywhere. Secondly, our team won’t stop until we succeed in locating them.  We have one of the highest success rates of tracking people down in the region. Our skip tracing skills are second to none. Stop spinning your wheels and get results today.

Skip Tracing

Assurance Investigations and Process Services uses the best resources available to locate people quickly and efficiently. Our proprietary resources use real time information, something you can’t find on the internet. We have professionally trained investigators and skip tracers who can help locate the most difficult of people.

Locating Loved Ones

We have reunited 100’s of lost loved ones. Whether it be an old friend you lost contact with, a run away or a family member you are not in touch with anymore, we can help.  No case is too small or difficult for us to handle. Our team will work tirelessly to solve your case and put your stress behind you. 

People of Interest

Does someone owe you money and they are no where to be found? Do you need to resolve a court issue but can’t locate the person of interest? Not only can we locate them for you, we can offer service of process after they have been located. Or maybe you are looking for a witness to an incident. Whatever the case may be we can help!

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Not knowing where you family is can be extremely stressful. Let us help rid the burden of not knowing. We are committed to getting you the results you need and deserve.  Our determined investigators can help you break through the dead end leads and bring resolution to your needs. Contact us today for your free consultation.

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