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DIY Private Investigator Tools

While nothing can beat hiring a experience licensed private investigator. There are some scenarios where you can be your own private investigator. Whether you would like to keep record of what happens in your home while away without others knowing or you want to keep track of where your vehicle is at all times. These are the products I recommend as a professional private investigator. Please refer to your states laws on what is legal to do in your state.

Find Hidden Electronic Devices

Are you suspicious someone may be watching or tracking your movements? I would recommend using a bug sweeper to find hidden electronic devices such as GPS units or hidden cameras. I recommend the JMDHKK portable bug sweeper. It is a great mid range tool with great reviews. It can be used on vehicles, homes and if you travel a lot hotel rooms to bring you peace of mind.

Hidden Cameras

Hidden cameras can be a great tool to have for multiple purposes. They are discreet and look like everyday items. Keep an eye on your kids while away or when you have a baby sitter come over to watch your kids. Do you have a partner that you don’t entirely trust? Using a hidden camera may shed light on your suspicions while away from the home. There are several different hidden cameras I recommend for different situations.

Covert Cameras

Covert cameras are a great way to obtain video in public without causing awareness. The can be used in public places like stores, bars, restaurants and more. They look like everyday items and obtain great quality video.

GPS Trackers

If you would like to keep track of your vehicle or loved ones vehicles at all time. A GPS tracker is a great option. The can be placed in several discreet places on a vehicle. The give you real time monitoring with an app on your phone. The devices are compact and depending on the model last several days before needing to be charged.

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