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Infidelity Investigations

We are experts when it comes to catching cheating spouses and partners. We have solved 1000’s of cheating spouse cases. We will help bring the facts into focus. 

Online Cheaters

Online Cheating is rapidly growing every year. Over 10% of cheating starts online. Most of these affairs start on social media websites such as Facebook, Snap Chat, Tinder and Instagram.  Although some still occur on dating websites. 

Affairs at Work

Cheating with a co-worker is not uncommon. Approximately 40% of the people that have an affair do so at their work place.  This is most likely due to the convienence and personal relationship that are already established. 


Infidelity Stats

In over 33% of marriages one or both partners have admitted to cheating. Over 23% of men and 15% of women have admitted to cheating on their partner. If your partner has cheated once, there is a 350% chance they will cheat again. 

Catch a Cheating Spouse in Denver & Colorado SpringS

Being the victim of a cheater is stressful. Hiring a private investigator to resolve the matter shouldn’t be. We have one of the highest success rates of catching cheaters in Colorado. We use top of the line equipment to get you quality results in mobile, static and covert surveillance. Let us help bring you peace of mind at an affordable price. 

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