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Hiring a Private Investigator For Property & Asset Information

Let’s face it; locating lost, stolen, or hidden money and assets is one of the most common reasons for hiring a private investigator in the modern age. 

Locating property and assets may be deemed necessary during messy divorce proceedings, ahead of a lawsuit, or for personal reasons. Similarly, you may find that a business partner is trying to hide assets before a judgment. Assurance Investigations & Process Service can complete the assignments to find the whereabouts of your missing money and possessions in style.

What assets can a Private Investigator look for?

Before hiring a private investigator to locate property or assets on your behalf, you must first familiarize yourself with the asset types that they can look for. Quality private investigators can take on assignments linked to virtually any asset that you feel has been stolen or – more commonly in family law – hidden. This includes but is not limited to;

  • Money, including bank accounts and income sources.
  • Vehicles, including classic cars and business items.
  • Property assets, including home possessions.
  • Business assets that they don’t want attached to a hearing.
  • Jewellery and personal valuables.

With around 50% of all marriages ending in divorce, it isn’t uncommon for disputes over assets to surface. Alternatively, you may be conducting an assets search on a business partner or company to collect a debt or prove fraudulent activities.

Whether your assignment is motivated by money, sentimental value, or simply wanting justice doesn’t matter. If an ex-spouse, friend, or acquaintance has unlawfully gained possession of your goods and money, a PI will work to identify the assets and get them back under your control.

Why hire a Private Investigator?

Is it possible to locate your assets through personal investigations? Absolutely. But does that mean you are the right person to complete the assignment? Absolutely not.

The harsh reality is that you will not have the knowledge, skills, or equipment to deliver the best results. Moreover, it’s likely that you’d be far less inconspicuous throughout the process, which could allow the guilty party to cover their tracks or relocate the assets. 

There are many incentives for hiring a private investigator to find your assets, including but not limited to;

  • Get results. A private investigator will use their experience along with a robust set of skills and techniques to locate your assets in the quickest possible time. Crucially, this is supported by the collection of all necessary data to ensure that legal ownership can be proved.
  • Save time. When taking on this type of project, quick results are often a necessity. Private investigators work efficiently to locate money and assets quickly before taking the quick action needed to start the process of getting them back in your legal possession. 
  • Investigative integrations. In many cases, locating assets forms a part of a far bigger issue. The assignment can subsequently be used in conjunction with cohabitation investigations or other related situations. Of course, they can be used as a standalone service too.
  • Protect yourself. When taking action to protect your financial and legal future, you do not want to unconsciously commit a crime. Leaving the job to a team of professionals removes prevents any threat of causing more damage, allowing you to focus solely on the recovery of your assets.

Whether you need to identify assets that are yours after a divorce or prove that the other party does have the assets to make child support payments or business payments, a private investigator is the best solution by far.

What will a Private Investigator do?

A private investigator can track the movements of the ex-spouse, business partner, or individual in question. They will subsequently collect the necessary data to prove your claims regarding the location of your lost assets or the presence of hidden assets. Some of the techniques used are listed below:


Surveillance techniques can be used to track an individual’s movements over a period of time. This could subsequently show that they have access to another property or have been using a vehicle that has not been declared in the legal proceedings. This type of work can be supported by written and visual evidence. In some cases, a trash pull may be used too.


Private investigators run background checks and have access to comprehensive databases that can help track down the location of various assets. This can prove hidden ownership of various assets that you consequently have an interest in. It is also possible to look at property filings and tax returns. It is one of the most common strategies in this type of case.

Social media investigations

Tracking social media usage and general online moves is another strategy that can be used to cross-reference names, addresses, and other details relating to your assets or hidden assets. This can include the items that you know about as well as assets you were not previously aware of, this is another reason to hire an investigator rather than go it alone.

To find out more about hiring a private investigator to locate assets in your family law or business law case, get in touch by calling 719-964-8903 today!

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