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Recovering Digital Data

Digital forensics is becoming a big part of modern investigations.

We still spend time finding people, tracking down leads the old-fashioned way and working in the physical world to observe what happens, but we’re also very active in digital forensics and in combing through digital data to help our clients with discovery.

If you’re struggling trying to figure out how to recover lost or stolen data, call us. We’ll help you understand how digital forensics works, and what it can do for your case.

Evidence of a Crime

It’s relatively easy to wipe active data off of a hard disk drive or some other device. But in many cases, that data is still there – it’s not lost, it’s just dormant.

Digital forensics brings high-tech methods to data recovery, and in most cases, we can recover the lost data in question. With many physical hard drives, the only way to really effectively erase these drives is with a drill or set of magnets.

Otherwise, expert digital forensics personnel can extract data that seems to be locked in or erased from a device.

The Ransomware Threat

Ransomware is a new kind of hacking, and a very scary form of cyberattack that has lots of customers worried.

Hackers come in from outside of the system and effectively delete or lock down files.

Digital forensics can’t always fix a ransomware crime – but in some cases, there may be ways to work around this type of data theft. Ransomware can also be an instructive way to think about digital data forensic in the context of an investigation.

When Assurance Investigations gets involved, we are here to help you! We get to the bottom of the data issues that are causing you consternation, whether it’s securing information for a case, or reconstructing data assets that have been taken from you. If there’s a way, we’ll figure it out!

Techniques for Digital Data Recovery

At Assurance Investigations,  we can get data off of a cell phone or tablet device, even if it appears to have been erased or damaged. We can recover call history, browsing history and more.

We also utilize the practice of cell phone mapping, where we can use GIS and cell tower information to reconstruct past events.

As a top Colorado digital forensics and data recovery team, we excel at bringing your necessary information to where it’s most needed – our investigations service works based on tested techniques for getting solid evidence from digital data trails. Call and ask us about how Assurance Investigations can assist you in fact-finding and important private research – to support your efforts to get justice!  When you want trusted investigators ready to handle the big jobs, we are there to quickly get into the saddle and go out to get you the results you need.

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