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Finding Lost Loved Ones

While private investigators may be hired for several types of investigation, finding missing loved ones is one of the most common. Whether a friend has suddenly gone missing or you wish to get in touch with a long-lost relative, hiring a PI could be the best solution at your disposal.

Assurance Investigations can support you through every step of the process so that you can get missing loved ones back in your life.

When You Should Search For Missing Persons

Losing touch with people is a natural part of human life. Nevertheless, there are certain situations when you have to accept that someone doesn’t want to play a part in your life. For example, an ex-lover that you do not share children with is entitled to no longer have an interest in you.

However, over half a million people go missing each year in the U.S. alone. There are many reasons why you may need to actively search for someone, though. Some of the most common are;

  • A vulnerable loved one has gone missing, perhaps due to substance addiction or financial debt,
  • You need to find a long-lost relative to inform them of their inheritance following the passing of another person, 
  • You want to locate someone who owes you money, or a witness who could prove valuable in an upcoming legal case,
  • A friend or relative has gone missing because they feel guilty about something that you are willing to forgive them for.

Whether this is the first time that a relative has gone missing or the individual has a track record of temporarily disappearing before returning, it’s vital that you find them ASAP. A private investigator can work with you to provide dedicated services for finding missing loved ones.

Finding Missing Loved Ones: Trying Every Avenue

Even if you do hire a private investigator to find a missing loved one, it’s only natural that you will look to pursue other avenues. Some of the most effective methods are to use social media, industry contacts, or family tree and ancestry services. Of course, searching your loved one’s regularly visited venues is another potential option.

Ideally, you’d like to gain support from the police. Unfortunately, your definition of a missing person may not match theirs. Even if it does, overstretched teams are often unable to prioritize this type of assignment. Hiring a private investigator ensures that the location services begin immediately while the process will gain the undivided attention it deserves. 

What Steps Can A PI Use To Locate Missing Loved Ones?

When a private investigator in Colorado, professional missing person tracing services can cover a wide range of individual assignments. By building on the steps that you’ve taken, as well as introducing endeavors that you would not have completed, your PI gives you the best chance of finding your loved one.

The long list of processes that can be used include, but are not limited to;

  • Investigating social media, which may help trace their recent steps and confirm that they are safe,
  • Checking cell phone records or running digital forensics on devices that have been left behind,
  • Analyzing public records and databases, to locate a person who may have been missing for a long time,
  • Investigating bank accounts to see transactions, especially cash withdrawals from ATMs that trace a location.

There are ultimately many other steps that could be used, such as talking to relevant persons or using real-world surveillance efforts. When combined with the digital tracing elements, it is often possible to find people in the Centennial State and beyond.

Whether a loved one is in danger or has simply become difficult to locate, a private investigator can provide missing person’s services for commercial purposes and personal relationships alike.

Why Choose The PI Route?

While calling the police or taking the DIY route could work, working with dedicated PIs like Assurance Investigations is the best option by far. With success rates of over 90%, you can be confident that this route will give you a fair chance of finding your loved one.

Better still, our experienced professionals can use a host of advanced tools, even including drones, to help locate a missing loved one. The fact that we can get to work right away has a massive influence on your hopes of finding the target in record time. If nothing else, knowing that you have the best people on the job will put your mind at ease. 

And if you’re looking to find a missing person for business reasons, it can happen without disruption to your ongoing productivity. Ultimately, if you need to find someone for any reason, hire a private investigator today.

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