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4 Ways a Private Investigator Can Help You in 2019

Many people think of private investigators as something out of fiction. Thanks to Hollywood, it’s hard to imagine a private investigator without thinking of the chain-smoking, grizzled man in a black and white world. However, private investigators are very real and very useful, even in the modern era. Here are four ways that a private investigator can help you in 2019.

Criminal Investigations

One place where fiction and reality intersect for private investigators is with criminal investigations. Many detective stories start with someone who has been accused of a crime they haven’t committed, and they need a private investigator to find the truth. This situation is more common than people realize. The police do their best, but they are often more concerned with finding any evidence that supports their suspicions, rather than look for things that could clear a suspect. If you have been accused of a crime and you need evidence to prove your innocence, Assurance Investigations can uncover facts or witnesses that the police miss. When your freedom is on the line, you can’t take chances. Let a dedicated, private investigator find the clues that the initial police inquiry may have missed.

Corporate Investigations

Protecting the interests of your business can also involve the assistance of a private investigator. The larger the company, the greater the potential for corruption, fraud, embezzlement, and more. When you suspect something is amiss at your company, but you can’t figure out what, it’s time for a corporate investigation. The team at Assurance Investigation is skilled at uncovering the tracks criminals try to hide when they are engaging in fraud. Remember, whoever is committing criminal activity is likely to know the ways you will try to detect them. An outside investigator will check in the places you wouldn’t think to look.

Surveillance and Family Investigation

Another place where life imitates art for private investigators is with surveillance and family investigations. People aren’t always what they seem. You need to see them when they don’t know they’re being watched to find out who they really are. A private investigator can help by capturing candid moments with photos and videos. Surveillance can be used to catch a cheating spouse or to find insurance scammers. Our investigators are trained in sub rosa surveillance, so the target won’t realize they’re being watched and change their behavior. High-quality monitoring will either confirm your suspicions or assuage your fears.

Internet Investigations

There is definitely a place for private investigators in the modern age, especially as more activity happens in the murky depths of the internet. The seeming anonymity of the internet encourages people to engage in activities they wouldn’t do otherwise. If you need to check up on someone’s online activity, our investigators can help you get the information you need discreetly and quickly. Our digital forensics team can also help with recovering data that deleted in an attempt to hide criminal activity.

What you don’t know can hurt you or your business. Hiring a private investigator can ensure you have the facts you need to make accurate decisions or to defend yourself in court. If you have questions about what a private investigator can do for you, send Assurance Investigation a message online to schedule a consultation.

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