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We cater our services to law firms, companies and individuals. We conduct service of process in Denver, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins & Pueblo. With our simple serve option it has never been easier to get the papers you need served quickly and efficiently! We specialize in difficult serves. We are familiar with the rules of civil procedure and can accommodate process serving from any state. 

Expert Process Servers

Our highly trained legal process servers will get your documents served quickly, efficiently and precisely. We pride ourselves in being the most accommodating process service company in Colorado. We understand the different variables in serving someone.  You don’t need to worry about getting the best price with the best service. We monitor the market and guarantees the lowest prices in the region.

Types of Documents We Serve:

Simple Serve Process

Follow our simple serve three step process to get your papers served in a timely manner at the best price!

Step #1

  • Fill out the simple serve form by clicking on the simple serve button above, fill out the form in its entirety and upload your documents. You can call or email us to set up your serve as well. If you need to send original documents to be served, no problem! Just send them to our address located in the contact us tab.

Step #2

  • After you fill out the form (or email/call) and submit your documents an invoice will be sent to your email address that you provided. The invoice can either be paid by Check or Debit/Credit Card. The services will not be complete until payment is received.

Step #3

  • Sit back relax and trust your papers will be served in a timely manner. Once the documents have been served, a copy of the affidavit will be sent to your email address with the original mailed to your provided address. We will send updates to your preferred contact method during the process.You're all done! 
Process Serving

If you need service in another Colorado area not mentioned please call us for pricing. Rates are for 3 attempts at random times for one address. Specific Times, more than one address or additional attempts at additional fees. Serving more than one person at the same address? No Problem, we only charge an extra $15.00 for an additional affidavit. While times are random we will go when the subject is most likely to be present. Additional printing charges for documents over 30 pages printed.

Skip Tracing

Do you need papers served but don’t have an address or a way to locate the person of interest. We offer skip trace services to locate the person of interest. We use the latest investigative database technology with the most accurate information available. Contact us for pricing.


We pride our selves with having the lowest cost process service company in the region. We always keep our eye on competitor pricing and adjust ours accordingly to give you the best price guaranteed. With the most efficient process servers at the best price you can trust in us meet your needs.


We have most serves completed within 1 to 3 business days and have the return of service completed and back to you often within the same day. We can save you time and money by filing the court documents so you don’t have to. We see the serve through from beginning to end. 

Why Choose Assurance Investigations and Process Service?

We have been serving court documents in Colorado for over a decade. We under stand the complexity of not only getting the serve completed but how to properly fill out and file affidavits and returns of service. With our competitive prices and our high success rate you can place your trust with Assurance and Process Service to get the job done!

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What Assurance Investigations and Process Service Can Do For You!

Denver Process Servers

Choosing a professional private process service company is the right choice. Statistics have shown better results in all aspects compared to the sheriffs department or someone you personally know.  While the sheriffs department may be the cheaper choice.  It may cost you more money in the long run. Your local sheriffs department primary job is not to get your papers served. They are often overwhelmed with more urgent matters like burglaries, traffic stops, domestic matters, etc. They often only serve papers during business hours (8:00 am to 5:00 pm), only at one location and often attempt service during the same times. We are more accommodating in getting your documents service in a timely and efficient manner. Our main objective is getting your documents served. We will work with you to get your papers served.  We get numerous calls per week to serve documents after the local sheriff’s department can not get the documents served. Save time and money with Assurance Investigations and Process Service.

Another option people tend to go with is having a friend serve the documents for them. While this tends to be low cost or free in some cases. A lot of people do not know how to properly fill out an affidavit of service or know the laws of civil procedure. This can cause all sorts of problems including your case being dismissed because of an improper service or documents that have not been filled our correctly. Our process servers are trained in filling our affidavits correctly and how to legally serve an individual.  Place your trust in Assurance Investigations and Process Service.

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