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Insurance fraud is a crime that affects everyone. We can help put a stop to this crime and uncover the truth. Our firm can conduct surveillance to help you get a better picture of the injured parties activity level. furthermore, the investigators can obtain witness, statements, claimant statements, scene investigations and more. Our claims investigators can investigate any type of insurance claim including liability claim, vehicle accident, workers compensation claim, life insurance claim and more.  Time is crucial call us today to setup your case. To report insurance fraud that we can not help with reach out to National Insurance Crime Bureau.

Auto Fraud

Automobile claim fraud added over 6 billion dollars in excess payments to auto-injury claims paid in the U.S. in 2017. Over 20% of bodily-injury claims and over 17 % of personal injury claims closed with payments appeared to be fraudulent or over paid due to padding or over exaggeration. Lastly, over exaggerating claims contributes to  15%  of dollars paid for automobile claims. Don’t be a victim of hire insurance costs, stop insurance fraud dead in its tracks. 

Worker's Comp Fraud

1 in 10 business owners suspect an employee of committing workers compensation fraud. Over 50% of people who file for workers compensation have multiple claims. Insurance fraud increases premiums for everyone and is not a victimless crime. There are many ways someone can commit insurance fraud including inflated injuries, claiming the injury occurred on the job when it happened while off the clock, old injuries and pretending to be hurt longer to collect benefits.



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