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SURVEILLANCE Investigations

Surveillance allows us to obtain evidence by observing and recording activities on high definition mobile, handheld and covert cameras. We use only high tech cameras that allow us to film in almost any condition without comprising the quality of evidence. Surveillance is used for different types of investigations including child custody cases, infidelityinsurance and liability cases and more.

Surveillance Evidence

Video obtained in surveillance is a great tool for evidence. The video is unbiased. Whether you need surveillance for an upcoming court date or questioning your partners commitment to your relationship. We can surveil anyone in almost any environment including residential areas, bars/restaurants, medical facilities, work place environments, parks,  and more. Lastly, our team has top of the line equipment to get you the results you expect. 

The Right Choice

When it comes to collecting evidence that can impact your life for better or for worse you do not want cut corners. Hiring a cheap investigator may seem like a good route to go at first. However it will leave you more headaches than answers in the long run. Make the correct choice the first time. We have over 13 years in the surveillance industry.  Commitment and compassion is what we stand for. We are ready to bring you peace of mind.


Needing surveillance is stressful enough. Don’t stress about who to hire. Assurance Investigations has your back. Our professional private investigators are like fly’s on the wall and adapt perfectly to all types of environments and conditions. We can obtain video in the most difficulty of situations. Our investigation process is confidential and we are committed to bringing you peace of mind at an affordable price. 

Surveillance Investigator
Cases In Review
We were contacted by a client who's spouse was traveling to Colorado for a business trip. The client worried about the faithfulness of her partner. The subject was flying into Colorado and going to a large convention. Our private detectives were able to locate the target at the airport and obtain video evidence of his activities while in Colorado. We were happy to report to the client there was no activities by the subject that would suggest an affair. The client was more than happy with the outcome of the investigation.
Cases In Review
We were contacted by a client that feared for her children's safety while they were with their father. The client suspected the young children were being left at home alone while the subject went out to bars. Our investigators were able to confirm the client's suspicions. The client was able to take the evidence to court and get a modification on parental rights.
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