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Investigations on the Social Media Platform

Private investigators take on a wide range of work today. This includes investigating business partners who are suspected of being up to no good, looking into suspicions of fraud, catching as cheating a spouse, and much more. There are a lot of different tools that these professionals use to get to the bottom of the task at hand, and conducting social media investigations has become more and more prominent in recent times. With that in mind, we are going to reveal everything that you need to know about social media investigations below.

What are the benefits of social media investigations?

Before we take a look at some of the different tricks and techniques that private investigators use for social media investigations, let’s reveal the benefits of going down this route to begin with. This includes the following:

  • Getting information that refutes the claims of a litigant – This is one of the main reasons for social media investigations, and it is imperative that this evidence is preserved and documented effectively. 
  • Identifying possible case witnesses – Social media can also be beneficial in terms of finding potential witnesses, as witnesses may post information on social media or geo-fencing searches can be used in regards to the incident area to find witnesses.
  • Discovering when a litigant has removed posts – Often, a litigant will post critical evidence, and then delete it. It is vital to get the evidence and preserve it before it is deleted. In situations whereby the evidence has been deleted, proprietary processes can be established that reveal the post has been removed. 
  • Preparing for Sub-Rosa surveillance – Looking for social media evidence is important before Sub-Rosa surveillance begins. Findings can help with planning the surveillance dates and times, as well as locating vehicle information, work address, and added date.
  • Preparation for trial or deposition – Finally, social media investigations can also assist in terms of providing character information on witnesses and deponents. Research can bring information to light about their background, as well as any associations with case-related businesses and people, hobbies, and more.

What are some of the tactics that private investigators use on social media?

There are a number of different approaches that private investigators use when they are conducting social media investigations. The private investigator will always start with the basics, including carrying out a search for all of the accounts that are tied to the subject’s name. However, once this is conducted, they will delve deeper. They will run searches on the images to find out whether they crop up anywhere else online, as well as using advanced search techniques to find any additional profiles relating to the subject by looking into nicknames, screen names, and aliases. 

Not only do private investigators look into the person in question, but they carry out a search on the associates of the subject as well. This includes thoroughly conducting searches for accounts of family, friends, and any other known associates. As mentioned earlier, they can use geo-fencing searches to also do searches on anyone that lives in the same area or is located near to an area whereby an incident was supposed to have taken place. 

There are other techniques that private investigators can use, including IP tracing, finding posts that have since been deleted, and finding out whether the individual is a member or user of certain websites. All of this information can be pieced together to give the full picture.

It is not only about gathering evidence, but it is about documenting it and preserving it in the correct manner as well, which private investigators are experts in. They will ensure that none of the essential evidence is lost by using high levels of security. 

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