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How to Get an Accurate, Affordable, and Thorough Background Check

In May 2019, CNN was able to locate a suspected war criminal in an unlikely place: transporting passengers as a driver for Uber and Lyft. The incident was an embarrassment to the ride-sharing firms because it highlighted the lapses in their background checks. As society becomes more connected, people expected background checks to be more comprehensive. Assurance Investigations provides high-quality background checks that are affordable and thorough.

Background checks are useful for business owners and everyday consumers. These investigations are necessary for seeing past the facade people put up and for learning important information that someone may try to conceal. Background checks from Assurance Investigations can be used for more than learning about potential job candidates. The service can also be used to verify the identity of online daters to prevent fraud or to help entrepreneurs research a business they wish to buy.

The growing number of searchable databases has made finding up-to-date and useful information harder to locate. At Assurance Investigations, we tailor each background check to meet the specific needs of the client. For example, we provide court background checks for people who need court information. We can obtain court documents from anywhere in the United States with quick and accurate results.

When getting a thorough background check for an individual, it’s vital for the researchers to look beyond court documents and criminal databases. Assurance Investigations consults civil records which often contain detailed and accurate information about the person. These public records are essential for checking the background of people who haven’t spent much time in a courtroom.

Aside from court documents, Assurance Investigations can obtain motor vehicle records, driving records, marriage and divorce records, liens and judgments, debts, lawsuits, evictions, and more. Using a more comprehensive dataset allows our researchers to establish a more complete picture of the person being investigated.

Criminal background checks are the most commonly used form of a background check. People want to be sure that their potential employee or romantic interest doesn’t have a history of criminal activity. Criminal background checks also provide information that people are likely to conceal during an interview or first date.

Many companies are required by law or their insurance provider to obtain criminal background checks for new employees. You don’t want to second guess yourself and getting an inaccurate background check can be a costly and expensive mistake. Assurance Investigations provides extensive criminal background checks that use multiple sources to get every detail.

Assurance Investigations has provided background checks for years, and our researchers have saved our clients from making poor decisions based on inaccurate information. In one situation, we informed a client that their potential romantic partner had an extensive criminal background of fraud and domestic abuse. Similarly, we save a client thousands of dollars by discovering the company they wanted to buy had several lawsuits and multiple liens against the company.

If you need help getting an affordable, thorough, and accurate background check, Assurance Investigations can help. Send us a message online or call us at 719-964-8903 to schedule an appointment to discover your case.

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